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Clubs & Academics Associate (2)

As a Clubs & Academics Associate, you will play an instrumental role in serving the student body’s academic and professional needs. Our department focuses on advocating for students to make sure their voices are heard, bridging the gap between UTSC Management students and the Department of Management, and spearheading innovative events and initiatives such as Intro to Courses, Management Pathways, Town Hall, and many more. Associates within this department will be responsible for assisting with event planning, advocating for student needs, communicating with the Department of Management, as well as providing support to the Academic Development and Academic Advocacy Directors. 


We are seeking exceptional individuals with the desire to give back to the Management and Economics student body through excellent organizational, time management, and communications skills. If YOU are willing to contribute to a greater goal, this is the position for YOU!


What you’ll be doing

Your roles and responsibilities will be closely aligned with the goals and expectations of MESA, and you will coordinate with the Clubs & Academics Department to carry out the following tasks:

  • Assisting with logistics for events

  • Supporting the organization and planning process

  • General knowledge of C&A events, i.e. Townhall, AGM, Intro to Courses, etc. 

  • Personal marketing to fellow students

  • Actively seeking and understanding students’ needs

  • Learning on the job and understanding how events are conducted

  • Outreaching externally and with the Department of Management for coordination of events

Who You Are 

Being aligned with the following attributes and experiences ensure that you will be able to seamlessly fit in with the rest of the MESA team. Above all, we are looking for enthusiastic, teachable, and committed applicants!

  • Those who are highly motivated to help Management students’ academic experience through collaboration with the team members to achieve the goal.

  • Curious and engaged in the process of organizing and executing events for management students

  • Those who are excellent problem-solvers and decision-makers while demonstrating effective communication to deal with obstacles and challenges that occur day-to-day.

  • Individuals who display initiative and are interested in assisting the team beyond the job description if needed.

  • Dedicated and resilient individuals who are willing to learn and take responsibility whenever needed.

  • Candidates that take pride in their work, and strive to create a friendly environment for Management students.

What You Bring

Must Have

  • Motivated to help improve students’ academic experience.

  • Willing to learn, take initiative, and continuously improve.

  • Proficient in G-Suite (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, etc.).

  • Strong organization skills to ensure all tasks are finished completely and in a timely manner.

  • Good time management to be able to carry out duties year-round.

  • A “team player” mentality; always willing to assist others in and outside of the department where needed.

  • Resilient and capable of dealing with short term difficulties to accomplish a task.

  • Strong dedication and ownership of tasks; have pride in the work you do!

  • Quick thinking and decision-making both in and outside of events to resolve conflicts as they happen.

  • Good communication and collaboration skills to complement the team environment.

Nice to Have

  • Previous event/club experience would be an asset.

  • Participation in previous UTSC Management events to better understand how MESA historically structures its events.

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