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About MESA


MESA is the Management and Economics Students’ Association at the University of Toronto Scarborough and the Departmental Student Association (DSA) for the Department of Management. MESA is mandated to represent the academic and program-related concerns of students in Management, as well as to provide programming, activities, and other events relevant and of interest to students. We represent over 2,500 co-op and non-co-op management, pre-management and economics students.

As a mature and dynamic professional organization, MESA takes pride in being able to foster learning and long-term growth through the creation of opportunities. Through our competitions, information seminars, programs, skill building sessions, networking events, and social activities, MESA is able to bridge the gap between students, the Department of Management and the business community.

MESA is busy all twelve months of the year providing value to students in the form of:



Social Events

Furthermore, MESA hosts over 30 seminars, as well as this year’s launch of three new program experiences, conferences, pub nights, charitable fundraisers, a mentorship program, and a year-end Gala.


MESA also publishes quarterly magazine-style newsletters, and is actively engaged in student advocacy.

You can find our constitution here and our Umbrella Structure details here.

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