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Umbrella Structure


MESA has historically been successful as an independent organization representing the Department of Management students. The need for MESA and Management clubs to work together as a collective and unified platform has become increasingly important as we transition into a new era of co-curricular operations within the Department of Management. In the academic year of 2016-2017, MESA became an overarching umbrella organization that works towards development, growth and success of all involved.

MESA: The Umbrella Organization

Coming Together. Better Together.

The restructuring is a key historic milestone for MESA, Management clubs, the Department of Management, and most importantly the student body. With a unified organization that works as one, we can all work collectively to create a better future for the students of this program.

MESA now has the mandate to work collectively with Management clubs to improve the academic, professional and social aspects of student life as a unified organization. Similarly so, the Management clubs will serve as a collective mandate to work towards a focus on strategic development across all functional areas.

Ultimately, the restructuring strives to improve the collaborative spirit of the co-curricular environment at UTSC

Management in an attempt to fulfil the following three pillars as laid out in the MESA Constitution:

  1. Connecting students to higher opportunities

  2. Serving as a central hub of resources

  3. Propelling the recognition and awareness of the UTSC Management and Economics programs


The dynamics of the co-curricular landscape has shifted quite significantly in 2016-2017 with the new roles, relationships and mandates. We have now successfully transitioned into a new “era” of co-curricular activity at UTSC Management, and it is most definitely encouraged that you, the leaders of tomorrow, grasp these opportunities now, because there is never a perfect time to begin your legacy and do good deeds for yourself and your peers.

The Restructuring Report

You can download the restructuring report here.

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