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CPA Council has approved a transitional provision to allow students who complete a CPA Accredited Program to obtain dual designation. Please click here for more details.


The CGA accounting designation is being included in the merger along with the CPA and CA designations! For more information on this important development, please click here.

Life After Graduation

Ever wonder what life is like after graduation? Find out how past alumni entered this exciting chapter of their lives by clicking here.

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Consider the Following: Marty McFly or Marty McFlew?

Is time travel really possible? […]

Inside Peek- Some Randomness to Pass the Time

I’m someone who likes to challenge myself a lot. Whether it is with school, sports, or any other activity, I always like to have something to work towards […]

Inside Peek- A Lifetime Around the World

Like every 5 year old, I have had a dream to experience an adventure just like the characters in “Around the world in 80 days” […]

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MESA Presents Management Gala 2015: City of Atlantis

Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our students, student clubs, MESA and the Department of Management as we recognize the many unforgettable moments of 2014-2015. Now get ready to embark on an adventurous night of music, dancing, dinner, and coveted awards.

MESA Executive Team 2015 – 2016 Hiring

If your heart and mind are aching to connect yourself and colleagues to greater opportunities, serve as a hub of resources and propel the recognition of UTSC, then the time has come. You have seen how it’s been done in the past, now it’s up to you to mold the present, and future of your campus.


The Blog

The Blog is a great place to learn about different tips and tricks of the student life. Featuring series such as Student Hacks and Inside Peek, these articles will help you gain perspective at new depths.

The Informer

Published quarterly, The Informer offers an in depth look into various streams of Management which will indubitably strengthen your knowledge about different business industries.

Resource Handbook & Target 4.0

Know everything there is to know about having the best university experience with MESA’s Resource Handbook! Filled with tips on making money, getting involved on campus, and much more, this handbook is surely a must-read!

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