CATALYST is a business-lifestyle magazine with semesterly updates.


The Counterpoint (2016)

The Counterpoint has articles relating to news, politics, sports, and much more, as it takes a scholarly analytical perspective to many worldly issues.


The Informer (2015)

The Informer offers an in depth look into various streams of Management which will indubitably strengthen your knowledge about different business industries.


The Executive (2014)

The Executive features exclusive stories on what ranges from upcoming MESA initiatives to how to gain that competitive edge in the job market. This publication will provide you with insight into various topics and business trends that are current, relevant and thought-provoking to our readers.


Resource Handbook & Target 4.0

Resource Handbook

Know everything there is to know about having the best university experience with MESA’s Resource Handbook! Filled with tips on making money, getting involved on campus, and much more, this handbook is surely a must-read!

Target 4.0

Wish you had the superpower of acing all your courses? Well, wish no further! MESA’s Target 4.0 is filled with insider information from your very own professors! Use it as your secret weapon to ace these required management courses and earn the coveted 4.0 GPA!