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Co-op students are often out of school in fall/winter semesters and need to take their degree requirements in the summer. However, several C level finance courses are never offered in the summer, other than personal finance. This is inconvienient for finance stream co-ops who will end up taking a full load of finance courses in another semester because they could not take some in the summer. What can be done about this?

This is a very pointed question, and MESA could definitely bring this up to the department if this is a collective issue amongst all finance stream co-ops! That being said, it is very well possible to have someone staffed over summer given that there is a collective need for a course to be taught. Great question though!

Thanks for your response. As MESA has means of reaching the entire management student body, could MESA bring this up in a survey or post so we can determine if this is a collective issue.

This question has been brought up in our GET HEARD survey! Please take the time to fill it out and add your thoughts!

How does MESA represent students to faculty in terms of academic issues

Our Academic Advocacy Director (Me) is dedicated to representing academic needs of the students to the faculty to see if changes are necessary. However, we can only address academic issues collective to the student population, and are only able to do so if the students raise their voices on such issues! Feel free to contact MESA or myself if you have something specific to address!

Hello. What is MESA doing to improve student engagement in our program. I feel like our program is very much coming to school and just going home. I think it would be in the best interest of the club to foster more of a closer-knit community at UTSC.

Hi there! Well, while it is true that UTSC appears to be a “commuter school”, there are lots of opportunities that come out throughout the year, and a lot of them belong to our sister clubs (AOA, TMG, IS, etc.) Between coming out to a lot of these events and school, you might not even end up going home because of all the endless opportunities! While a closely-knit community is ideal, we do want to be inclusive of all of our campus members, as well as others externally. However, MESA does appreciate your concern and will take it into consideration.

Hey Exilia, there’s a comment above that might be able to answer your question! It’s also somewhat of a follow-up to the Town Hall meeting discussion.

Why do we not hear about other co op opportunities even after we are matched? I feel as if i am stuck accepting a co op position i do really not want because it was the only one i matched with on matching day.

It isn’t to have to pick between the job postings available before matching day, but because of how businesses go about recruitng co-op placements, it is staggered throughout the semester. Admittedly, the situation isn’t the best. But, the co-op department is trying its best to provide the best placements for the best students. We are currently discussing the feasibility of a SECOND ranking day with the co-op department, to allow students another opportunity to be ranked by a second wave of employers. Hopefully this answers your question to a degree!

We as students are often seeking very traditional career paths post-BBA. I am curious to learn more about the different “exit opportunities” after completing my BBA, where I can use my skills. If I am a Finance specialist, do I have to work in Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Sales and Trading, PE, VC, etc. in a typical organization or are there are options where I can grow just as much and contribute as much (if not more) too? Same goes for all specialists.

There is a lack of focus on entrepreneurship (although growing) among our students. I understand that it is a risky venture, but as a graduate of the Management program it is important to foster entrepreneurial “spirit” at the very least. How many of our graduating students understand the fundamentals of starting a business? What are we doing to foster this, and how can we improve?

I think it would be neat to see Management clubs and MESA engage the wider UTSC community to seek opportunities in cooperation/collaboration to promote interdisciplinary opportunities that are available for Management students. Thoughts?

I think there is a significant gap in our Management students’ holistic understanding of business, economics, and many other areas of work that all intertwine together. This is knowledge that some professors and courses particularly do a good job of introducing students to; how can we do a better job of encouraging our students to think about the bigger picture and how Management should be an interdisciplinary study?

I understand that we are a co-op program, but that does not mean that we shouldn’t be supporting our non-co-op management students to the best of our abilities. Sure our co-op students technically are supposed to get exclusive access to resources, but we need to be strategic about how we approach support given to the others. We all cumulatively represent UTSC Management’s success. How can we improve this in the future?

Do we have a graduate program? If so, what is it and what do I need to enter?

Professor Zweig will address the new introduction of our Masters program at the Town Hall! Please be sure to attend to get the answer to your question!